LED One Color Signs


"R" One Color (Red, Green, Blue or Amber)

" R " Additional Information

Product Highlights:

  • An amazing display with HD Pixel clarity.
  • Red Color REAL Pixel 10mm Outdoor LED Sign - P10 (1R)
  • Real DIP Pixel LED Display with WiFi
  • Capability: Text
  • Viewing Angle: 140 Degrees Horizontal & 90 Degrees Vertical
  • LED type: 446 - DIP
  • Display Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm
  • Drive: 4.1  ¼ Scan
  • Module      Pixel: 16x32=512 Dot (1R)
  • Power: AC110V US Standard (We installed easy adjustable switches for 220V if needed)
  • Max. Power Consumption per square feet: 0.35 AMP
  • Ave. Power Consumption per square feet: 0.10 AMP
  • UL approved power supply
  • Back Door access.
  • Heavy-Duty Black Steel frame finished with a powder coating industrial grade, engineered and manufactured for extreme outdoor  conditions built to last. (Metal Brackets included for easy      installation).
  • This display is weatherproof and can be used under all climates.
  • Made in USA with Domestic and Foreign Components.


  • The program allows you to display multiple items at once, show all type of texts,simple logos and animation. It’s the perfect application for advertisement.
  • This LED display includes easy to use software to easily upload with operational manual.
  • The communication options offered are Wi-Fi, (USB port inside).
  • This Sign is PC controlled by WiFi; you can display very colorful text messages.


Additional Options: 

  • We are a full line sign manufacturer providing custom solutions to your needs.
  • We manufacture a variety of sizes in our South Florida Factory.
  • We offer our Engineering support free of charge with your purchase.
  • We Help and guide you free of charge through the installation and operation of your new display sign.
  • We can help you make the most valuable use of your purchase.
  • Call us for any Product inquires and Technical Support 5 days a week.
  • 7TH Generation Series
  • High quality products with advanced technology, full-range solutions and professional service
  • These LED displays are built in the USA with 3 year warranty*. 


ASAPLED Display Signs are designed, manufactured and tested in our Florida facility to compete with the biggest names in the LED sign industry.

If you don't find the size you are looking for, call us we can make it!

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3ft by 3ft, 3ft by 3ft – Double Sided, 3ft by 6ft, 3ft by 6ft – Double Sided, 3ft by 9ft, 3ft by 9ft – Double Sided, 3ft by 12ft, 3ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 3ft by 15ft, 3ft by 15ft – Double Sided, 4ft by 4ft, 4ft by 4ft – Double Sided, 4ft by 8ft, 4ft by 8ft – Double Sided, 4ft by 12ft, 4ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 4ft by 16ft, 4ft by 16ft – Double Sided, 4ft by 20ft, 4ft by 20ft – Double Sided, 6ft by 6ft, 6ft by 6ft – Double Sided, 6ft by 9ft, 6ft by 9ft – Double Sided, 6ft by 12ft, 6ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 6ft by 15ft, 6ft by 15ft – Double Sided, 8ft by 8ft, 8ft by 8ft – Double Sided, 8ft by 12ft, 8ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 8ft by 16ft, 8ft by 16ft – Double Sided, 8ft by 20ft, 8ft by 20ft – Double Sided, 8ft by 24ft, 8ft by 24ft – Double Sided, 9ft by 9ft, 9ft by 9ft – Double Sided, 9ft by 12ft, 9ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 9ft by 15ft, 9ft by 15ft – Double Sided, 9ft by 24ft, 9ft by 24ft – Double Sided, 12ft by 12ft, 12ft by 12ft – Double Sided, 12ft by 16ft, 12ft by 16ft – Double Sided, 12ft by 20ft, 12ft by 20ft – Double Sided, 12ft by 24ft, 12ft by 24ft – Double Sided, 12ft by 28ft, 12ft by 28ft – Double Sided, 16ft by 16ft, 16ft by 16ft – Double Sided, 16ft by 20ft, 16ft by 20ft – Double Sided, 16ft by 24ft, 16ft by 24ft – Double Sided