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Alton, Illinois Digital LED Signs

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Whether you run a retail store, a school, or anything in between, your sign is the first impression your audience gets of your business. ASAPLED is ready to help you make an impact with digital LED signage.

Our LED Sign Packages Include

  • Full Color HD Programmable LED Sign
  • Mounting Brackets 4 Bolts for each Mounting bracket
  • Mounting Hooks
  • Programming CD Software
  • Top Quality and Weatherproof
  • Heavy Duty Metal Powder Coated
  • Free Cad Drawing
  • Basic Installation Guide
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Greater Signage Options
  • Instruction Manual
  • Free 3 Year Warranty

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Why Upgrade to LED Signs in Alton, Illinois

The advantage of LED signage is to increase interaction with customers. LED sign can be seen over greater distances than regular signage, attracts more attention and is less expensive than traditional advertising.

Maximize Exposure Using LED Signs in Alton, Illinois

“The more you tell the more you sell” Whether your goal is to launch a new product, differentiate yourself from competitors, increase brand awareness or simply attract more qualified customers, ASAPLED signs offers a wide range of possibilities that will maximize your exposure.

LED Signs is the Best Tool to Advertise in Alton, Illinois

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an electronic message display is the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertising. Use ASAPLED digital billboard and see an increase in business up to 150%.

Why Choose LED Signs in Alton, Illinois?

The quality of ASAPLED signage starts at its production but certainly doesn’t end there. Proper signage installations, coordination between the LED sign manufacturer, the installation crew, structural engineers, local zoning, and permitting agencies are all part of a successful long-lasting sign.

Planning to Install LED Signs in Alton, Illinois

“Great Planning on your Part Makes the Job Easier”

  • Local Zoning and Permitting
  • Use Licensed Contractors and Installers
  • Mounting and Structural Safety
  • An Important Aspect of Purchasing a Sign is the Planning and Preparation of how it will
    be Properly Installed
  • Job Specs
  • Site Survey
  • LED Selection
  • LED Layout
  • Material and Labor Estimates
  • Producing and Installing the Job
  • Post-Mortem Analysis


  • Learn What You Should Know Before Installing an Outdoor LED Signage
  • Local Restrictions (may apply)
  • Pick an Installation Team

What to Expect from an LED Signs in Alton, Illinois?

LED signs will definitely increase your business due to the eye-catching brightness. LED signs draw people’s attention who are seeking the services and products you are offering, attracts them into your business and educates them about your type of work. Impress customers who might never otherwise learn or hear about your business.

Why Invest in an LED Signs in Alton, Illinois?

When investing in an LED sign, it’s crucial to go with a company that evokes trust. Partnering with ASAPLED means getting a deep understanding of the signage market, paired with credibility and vast resources. Buying an LED sign from ASAPLED isn’t just getting a top-of-the-line LED digital display, but also the promise of a long term partner who is committed to being involved in every step of the installation and deployment process.

LED Signs Questions

What is an LED display sign made of in Alton, Illinois?

An LED sign is a small-digital screen, usually installed next to the store sign. It's made to stand out and to help passers-by to find a store easily. They are similar to conventional ones, but they can display bright texts, pictures and videos.

How do LED signs work in Alton, Illinois?

Complex integrated electronic circuits and software send pulsating electronic signals to each LED and when activated, they illuminate the individual LED (light emitting diode) lamp. Each LED lamp (pixel) is built up in a matrix, thus making up the length and height of the illuminated LED Display.

What is an LED display sign in Alton, Illinois?
  • Business Hours, Including Special Hours
  • Popular Product or Service Advertising
  • Sales and Special Deals
  • New Products, Services, or Incentives
  • Awards and Achievements
  • News and Community Events
  • Many Other Things!
What is an LED display sign in Alton, Illinois?

LED signs are made up of individual panels, or modules, which allow the signs to be built to almost any size. Each module contains LEDs arranged in clusters, known as pixels. Pixels are the basic building block of any content. A high-quality color sign will have three diodes per pixel: one red, one green and one blue.